Janice has consistently asked God to make Jesus the topic of conversation in her neighborhood during her early morning prayer walks.  Both Janice and her husband believe the Lord moved them into this neighborhood for a purpose: to know their neighbors and to create opportunities for them to hear about Jesus. And, He is answering those early morning prayers!

One morning a little over a year ago, as she was praying and reading the Bible, Janice sensed God leading her to launch a neighborhood women’s Bible Study. Just as clear was the impression  to involve her naturally outgoing next door neighbor in helping to invite other women in the neighborhood. When Janice mentioned the idea to her neighbor, she responded with great enthusiasm.  By the end of the next day, she had already invited 3 women to participate!

As they continued to invite their neighbors, women with whom they had the closest relationships, some were intrigued and interested, others graciously declined. None of the women they approached had ever participated in a small group Bible Study!

For the past year, 5-6 ladies have been gathering in Janice’s living room every-other-Monday evening to learn about Jesus and hear the Good News of the gospel. Most of the women have limited familiarity with the Bible and none of them have ever studied the Bible for herself. The small group focuses on the Person of Jesus. The discussions are interactive and the ladies freely voice their questions. And, the women are taking the initiative to invite others in the neighborhood.

“Initiating and leading this study has been a real step of faith for me,” Janice comments. “As they encounter Jesus through the pages of Scripture, I pray they would see His loveliness and entrust their lives to Him.  What a privilege it is to meet with these women who are not just neighbors but have become my friends. I’m so delighted to see God use this as part of His answer to my prayer to make Jesus the topic of conversation in my neighborhood!”  And it all began with a prayer walk…

by Janice